Fun Run Directions 2017

This year we have turned the signs around and we are tackling both the long and short courses in the opposite direction to usual.
  1. Head out from the arena and turn right, keeping to the pavement past the food stalls then left into the footpath.
  2. Turn right through the new metal gate and down the field.
  3. Go through the next new gate and turn left, over the stile and keep to the right of the farm machinery. Turn right through the gate and head across the next two fields.
  4. Carry on to the fallen tree and turn right onto the road.
  5. The cattle grid signals the split in the routes. The short course takes a sharp right before the grid, up the grassy track, then turn left into the small tree lined path and over the bridge. Then head straight over the field to the trees taking the left hand path and keep to the left until you come to the next stile.
  6. This is where both courses come together again, the long course will approach from the opposite direction. Head north to the next gate. Don’t be tempted to go into the wood (we are avoiding that stretch of the old course) but go up the field and over the bridge – mind out! it is very bouncy if you try running over it – or if you prefer you can run through the stream. Head back to point 3 and back the way you came.
  7. Those on the long course will have gone straight ahead at point 5 on race day, over the grid or through the gate and along the drive. However this is not a public right of way so if you are training it is better to head for point 6 and turn left through the woods to get to Danny House. From there it’s over the stiles to the left and past the alpacas.
  8. Go through the short stretch of wood and watch for traffic as you turn right onto New Way Lane, coming out just by the post box. There will be a water station here on race day. Keep to the road taking the sharp corner to the left.
  9. At the Warenne turn right off the road and straight up the path. Now the climb starts.
  10. Turn right at the first gate you come to on your right with an open field ahead. Follow the path heading up to the Trig Point.
  11. When you reach the summit you need to turn 90 degrees to your left. We have positioned a new landmark for you this year, the i360. Head for that.
  12. Over the stile and turn right then keep to the path and through a gate.
  13. Don’t take last year’s route with the zigzag path down the hill. That is very steep so we have a gentler descent. When you come to some low bushes head left and through the gate then turn right. Then keep going down the track.
  14. There is a signpost with a blue arrow where you turn sharp right onto the bridle path along the bottom of the hill. If you find yourself at Star cottages and the A23 turn around, you have gone the wrong way.
  15. By the gate on your right (which would take up the hill) take the path to your left onto a muddy track between two fields.
  16. At Foxhole Cottages (where there will be more water on race day) turn right. Head through the woods and out again, past Randolph’s Farm and up the road.
  17. Turn right onto Bedlam Street and keep going straight ahead, over the stile until you reach point 6 and follow the directions from there.

The finish as usual is straight ahead from the footpath, by the race HQ behind the Bowls Club and the playground.

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